Working Plan

Working Plan Phase 1
Work package
Work package title Work package leader Reporting data
1 Obtaining PCR products and designing Real Time PCR Sistems CO, P1, P2, P3 31.12.2014
1,1 Documentation on Real-Time PCR detection systems regarding B. burgdorferi s.l., F. tularensis, TBEv, and CCHFv CO; P1;P2;P3
1,2 Acquisition CCHFv RNA genome and conservation it in laboratory biosafety level 4 P1;P3
1,3 Cultivation of target pathogens: TBEv multiplication in cell cultures and baby mice, in laboratory biosafety level 3 P1
1,4 Francisella tularensis genome DNA acquisition and conservation in laboratory biosafety Level 4 P1; P3
1,5 Cultivation of target pathogens: Borrelia burgdorferi s.l. BSKII media CO
1,6 Isolation of nucleic acids CO; P1; P3
1,7 Quantitative determination of nucleic acids P2
1,8 Promoting ( publications and conference participation) multiplex detection on Real-Time PCR of pathogens: B. burgdorferi s.l., F. tularensis, TBEv, CCHFv and necessity for such studies in Romania CO;P1:P2;P3
Outcomes: Obtaining PCR and Real-Time PCR design.
Making a database of molecular probes and primers for each target pathogen and internal controls.
Dissemination: preliminary studies – promoting the idea of the need for a multiplex detection kit by Real-Time PCR.
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